RTI Referral Rebate Program

Thank you for considering RTI worthy of being trusted for your projects and for others you may refer.

It is always our goal to provide 100% satisfaction and resolve problems for our customers. We will make it a priority to provide excellent services and products to those you refer to us.

We offer a 1% cash rebate on every project, and 2% cash rebate on emergency services. By entering your information below, as well as information about the person or company you are referring to us, you will allow us to contact the referred to offer our services and issue the rebate after the job has been completed and paid in full.

Below you can select how you would like the rebate to be paid out. Options include a check to you, a discount to the person your refer, and donation of the rebate to a charitable organization.

Please select how you would like the rebate to be paid

You may select to have the rebate paid out to you, or given to the referred person as a discount on the job. Alternately, you can select a charity and we will donate the rebate amount to them. We have listed some charities below for your consideration, for more information on these charities, please see this informational page. If you would like to split the referral commission with the referred customer or with a charity, choose SPLIT IT and we will email you for details.

Terms and conditions

It is RTI/Page Corporation's sole decision as to whether or not a rebate is issued or the amount of said rebate. The program may be altered or cancelled at any time. RTI reserves the right to issue a rebate to the applicant in lieu of any charity selected. RTI does not necessarily endorse or vouch for the credentials of any of the listed charities. Job discounts may affect rebate amount. A completed W-9 form will be required before payment of any cash rebate.